Morgan Plus 8 50th Anniversary Edition Is British Craftsmanship At Its Finest

Teased for the second time in three official images and a video, this example sports a blue lacquered paint finish, which is supposed to be reminiscent of the first Plus 8, along with yellow accents around the grille, bonnet, and rear towing eyes.

Developed on the track, only 50 units will be produced and all of them feature an aluminum chassis beneath the traditional body. The lightweight construction helps the latest Morgan weigh just 1,100kg (2,425lbs).

Described as “one of the lightest V8 passenger cars in the world”, the Morgan Plus 8 50th Anniversary Edition is powered by a 4.8-liter BMW engine. Naught to 100km/h (0-62mph) takes just 4.5 seconds and top speed is 250km/h (155mph). Moreover, this will be the company’s last sports car to use a naturally aspirated V8.

“This 50th Anniversary Edition is fitting illustration of the Plus 8’s beauty and finesse, coupled with raw exhilaration and capability”, said the brand’s Managing Director Steve Morris. “Performance has underpinned every one of the Plus 8s that have driven out of our factory gates for 50 years, and we’re excited to reveal the car in full in Geneva.”

Subsequent to their premiere on March 6 in Switzerland, the limited edition Plus 8 will go on sale through Morgan’s dealership network at a yet undisclosed price.

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