Honda’s S2000 sports car from a golden age of engineering: Cash Cars

The Honda S2000 is a fast and capable roadster from a golden age of old-school engineering.

It proved popular in the UK and if anything its reputation has grown with the years.

Now the S2000 looks to have hit the bottom of its depreciation curve – buy a good one for under £10,000 and it should hold its value and reward you with many miles of high-revving fun, says Tony Middlehurst in our Cash Cars column.

Honda's S2000's party trick was a high-revving engine but it also won the hearts of motoring fans and reviewers with its sharp handling and a good one now costs less than £10,000 No turbo here: The normally aspirated VTEC 2 litre engine produced up to 247bhp and had a red line at 9,000rpm. It was good for 0 to 60mph in six seconds The S2000 had an optional removable hardtop, handy for the British weather - and the snow if you dare to head there in a rear-wheel drive sports car, as Honda did for the press shots Honda's S2000 added to its character with a digital speedometer and rev counter in an arc above it - tempting drivers to head for that golden 8,000rpm level Inside the S2000's cabin was snug but comfortable and had ergonomics that put many modern day cars to shame Keep an eye on the bodywork if you want your bargain second hand Honda S2000 to remain this fresh, as rust can be a threat (plane not included) There were almost 8,000 Honda S2000s that came to the UK and more than half that number are still on the road, indicating popularity. Prices have fallen to a point at which they have now stalled, indicating it may be near the bottom of the depreciation curve. This Honda S2000 on sale through eBay is a private car with just 75,000 miles on it This Honda S2000 is on sale with a dealer on AutoTrader  and has the post 2004 suspension upgrades This rare  Honda S2000 is the Edition 100, on sale through Pistonheads for a spicy £22,000 This rare  Honda S2000 is the Edition 100, on sale through Pistonheads for a spicy £22,000

This rare Honda S2000 is the Edition 100, on sale through Pistonheads for a spicy £22,000

2009, Honda S2000 Edition 100, £22,000

The most expensive S2000 you’re likely to see (if you can find one) will be a final-year Edition 100 in Grand Prix White with red leather and graphite alloys. With only 100 of these made, you’ll need over £20,000 for a low-miles example. Here’s one Bob has managed to find. It’s done just 25,000 miles and is a bit out of his normal price bracket at £22,000. 

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